The Thrill of a Life on Container Ships

Container ships are among the largest and most efficient of all modern cargo ships. It isn’t surprising that plenty of people still want to be able to work on them, in spite of the fact that the work can be downright dangerous. Plenty of the skilled mariners who are able to do this are mainly […]

The Enduring Popularity of a Life at Sea

Even after many years since the Age of Exploration, a lot of people are still interested in living a life at sea. There is something wonderfully romantic about it for a lot of people. Being a boat captain in particular gives people a certain degree of authority, since they are commanding their own ships. However, […]

Biggest Container Ships in the World & Their Routes

How do nations carry out trade? While you might believe that land trade and air trade are viable solutions, remember that the amount of shipping needed from China to United States is huge. We need to rely on ships to send out the items from one part of the world to another. Waterways have, from […]