Environmental Stress

Environmental Stress

These are stressors that are found within the environment. The environment can have positive impact and also negative impacts which may lead to stress. The environmental stress that we are subjected to include; extreme temperatures which makes one discomfort and may lead to health problems.  Noise also contributes to stress where one cannot hear the other part properly thus straining also may damage the eardrums. Light and long exposure to darkness affects sleeping patterns. Several colors may cause fatigue. Natural disasters are also a stressing factor in the environment. Other stressors in the environment include insects, crowds, war between students, air quality and dull colors (Mechanic D, 1978).

               To handle these stresses one needs to avoid areas the environments with the stresses or control them. With noise cause by human activities one can encourage the rooms to have sound proofs and also if people make noise one should encourage them to keep quite or lower their voices. Coping with temperatures one may need to have a fan to regulate the temperatures around. If one if affected by red or yellow color they need to avoid these colors or repaint with friendly color of majority choice. Air quality needs good air conditioning and if the conditioner is spoils repairs are to be done immediately. Darkness will always be controlled by having other sources of light including electricity. By regulating this stressors one can reducing environmental stresses subjected to (Mandler G, 1975)             This stresses lead  to poor family relationships where one member is depressed in the family and cannot communicate the challenges leaving other family members worried. Also the environmental stressors may cause diseases which may be a burden for the members to treat them. Noise in the environment causes misunderstanding among members of the family also darkness disrupts family activities. In conclusion, environmental stressors need not to be a big problem in our social life because they can be easily regulated to create a good environment.

Living With Bloody MDD Is Like Trying to Dance Under the Water on Broken Legs

Living With Bloody MDD Is Like Trying to Dance Under the Water on Broken Legs

For sure, living with the mental depressive disorder can be a real nightmare, and the perfect likening is that of dancing underwater on broken legs. It is almost impossible to live entirely with depression, but a man has to push himself further.

Depression is fond of interfering with someone’s life. Severe feelings of hopelessness, sadness, loss of interest in activities and so many other emotions which are long lasting are tough to deal with. Physical symptoms of pain, sleep issues and appetite changes among many others also result.

There is always a fear in the depression recurring, and its patients, therefore, live in uncertainty and hope that they will not go through what they previously experienced. MDD causes and symptoms vary differently from an individual to another, with gender playing a significant role in why someone is affected by it, and how they experience the disorder.

How does depression feel?

It is tough to explain how one feels when they are depressed, especially to people who have never done. It is not about feeling down or sad. What is disturbing about this disorder is that it disrupts daily tasks, relationships, and career, as well as housework and self-care. No one is fond of MDD.

When one is depressed, they experience the following;

  1. They find no pleasure or joy in life
  2. Focusing or concentrating on something becomes harder; this accompanies difficulty in decision making, watching, reading, and so much more. The reason is that the patients are unable to follow or flow with what is going on.
  3. There is a lot of hopelessness in their being, the bad news being the inability to feel better. It misguides people into thinking that they will never be better again
  4. Feelings of being a failure or worthless begin to crop in the mind of the patient, making them dwell in adverse events which tear them down since they cannot feel any positive qualities about themselves
  5. Feelings of low to non-existent energy. It becomes hard for some people to get out of bed since they feel worn out all the time
  6. It interferes with the health state of a person, where many grow very thin because of lack of appetite, or obese since their desire for food is maximum
  7. Pains and aches may result. As much as MDD already has its symptoms, some people experience body aches nausea, headaches, and other pains

When one is leaving with a family, it becomes tough to be understood. Family members and friends begin to get frustrated about the behaviours of the individual, brushing them off that they do not have anything that can depress them; this usually is discouraging since all MDD patients want is to be understood and helped to overcome the disorder.

Depression presents itself differently in men and women. Different researches have suggested that the causes of depression may be different for women than for men. For women; marital problems, lack of social support, and parent relationships more often cause depression in them as compared to men. The reasoning behind this is that they have differences in experiences, biological factors, and cultural expectations.

For men, they become more depressed than women about such things as failure to achieve goals, careers, self-esteem, legal and financial issues, stressful life events and drug abuse. Whether in males or females, the reality remains that it is tough to live with the bloody MDD, and patients should be entirely supported by all means to overcome the depression for them to lead normal healthy lives.