Environmental Stress

These are stressors that are found within the environment. The environment can have positive impact and also negative impacts which may lead to stress. The environmental stress that we are subjected to include; extreme temperatures which makes one discomfort and may lead to health problems.  Noise also contributes to stress where one cannot hear the other part properly thus straining also may damage the eardrums. Light and long exposure to darkness affects sleeping patterns. Several colors may cause fatigue. Natural disasters are also a stressing factor in the environment. Other stressors in the environment include insects, crowds, war between students, air quality and dull colors (Mechanic D, 1978).

               To handle these stresses one needs to avoid areas the environments with the stresses or control them. With noise cause by human activities one can encourage the rooms to have sound proofs and also if people make noise one should encourage them to keep quite or lower their voices. Coping with temperatures one may need to have a fan to regulate the temperatures around. If one if affected by red or yellow color they need to avoid these colors or repaint with friendly color of majority choice. Air quality needs good air conditioning and if the conditioner is spoils repairs are to be done immediately. Darkness will always be controlled by having other sources of light including electricity. By regulating this stressors one can reducing environmental stresses subjected to (Mandler G, 1975)             This stresses lead  to poor family relationships where one member is depressed in the family and cannot communicate the challenges leaving other family members worried. Also the environmental stressors may cause diseases which may be a burden for the members to treat them. Noise in the environment causes misunderstanding among members of the family also darkness disrupts family activities. In conclusion, environmental stressors need not to be a big problem in our social life because they can be easily regulated to create a good environment.

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