About us

Hello everyone! My name is Kurt. I have always been interested in the topics of health and psychology. I truly believe that the way a person feels can impact their physical health and vice versa. This belief is what made me start this blog.

I take great interest in providing tips on how someone can achieve optimal health. I came to realize that this is especially needed for college students who undergo so much stress and pressure from their everyday life and activities. Therefore, many of my posts are dedicated to helping college students feel better and be more productive by offering them some very simple and easy to follow tips.

When it comes to psychology, it truly is my passion. The human behavior and mind are just amazing to look into. Even when someone is very sick, just the power of will can really make a huge impact on their health and help them overcome any and every difficulty. This is what I’m trying to show to my reader as well. Psychology is key to overcoming any situation and I would like to believe that through my studies and personal experience through the years I have reached a point where I can truly help others out.

While this blog is still relatively new, I really am putting my all into it and I’m doing my best to write as often as possible. I really love keeping my audience updated and I enjoy being able to interact with everyone who reads my posts. Making an impact on someone’s life really doesn’t require you to move mountains. This blog has taught me that a simple post can truly help and it can be the source of someone’s daily inspiration.

It really means a lot to me that you stay around and keep supporting me. As always, I’ll make sure I do my best and provide you with top quality content!